About our server

Our server was launched on 7 February 2012, since then pleases many Half-Life fans from all over the world, because its distinguishing features are the changed gameplay, loads of maps, new weapons, and more options in the game.

To use options, you must bind keys in the game client.
To do this, go to our server, enter the command /bindmenu and agree with the installation.
This command will bind keys F1 through F12 on the following functionality:

F1 - server menu
F2 - gauss cannon mode
F3 - pet
F4 - paint
F5 - rope
F6 - voice chat
F7 - prank №1
F8 - prank №2
F9 - jetpack
F10 - screen snapshot
F11 - text chat
F12 - change your team

If you do not wish to bind all of the above keys, you can bind certain keys to the desired function
to do this, open the game console and type the command:
For chat-commands: bind "key" "say command" (for example: bind "Q" "say /jetpack")
For console commands: bind "key" "command" (for example: bind "V" "piss")

The list of commands is given below:

Available chat commands:

/menu - server menu
/team - choose your team (you can also write command in game console: model "Team Name")
/bindmenu - bind keys F1 through F12 for quick functions (the operation is irreversible!)
/setmenu - add links our server and website to your game client (the operation is irreversible!)
/gaussmode - gauss cannon mode
/jetpack - jetpack
/clmenu - additional client menu to the game client
/camera - choose view
/colour - choose chat color
/pet - enable or disable pet followers
/top15 - 15 top players
/statsme - display your stats for current map
/stats - display players stats for current map
/rankstats - display your server stats
/switch - enable or disable damage announcements
/pt - your played time
/ptall - players' played time
/hs - top headshot players
/dmg - top damage players
/noobs - server noobs
/playerglow - set glow
/mute - mute menu
trail - random colored trail
fireworks - fireworks menu
rtv - rock the vote

currentmap - get name current map
recentmaps - get names recent maps
nom (название карты) - nominate a map for voting

Available console commands:

my_snapshot - make a snapshot (stored in the game folder)
fhsmenu - funny half-life sounds
listmaps - server maps
piss - prank №1
masturb - prank №2

Available functions using binds to keys only:

+paint - to paint on the walls
+rope - to fly on the rope
rope_toggle - hang mode for the rope

Other server features:

1) You can fly when you shooting by pistol in the floor and bouncing
2) Snarks, when right-clicked, teleport the player to a random spawn point
3) Hand Grenades, when right-clicked, launch and detonate on impact
4) Crowbar, when right-clicked, fires off "Hello!" to nearby players
5) The crossbow has a laser beam
* The specified commands and functions on the server can be disabled/unavailable/changed without notification!

Server rules

We have the most severe punishment for using cheats while playing on the server.
Players who uses cheats will be banned by provider subnet and your game client will be hacked.

Forbidden to use:

  • 1) It is forbidden to use any kind of cheats
  • 2) It is forbidden to use map bugs and game bugs
  • 3) Scripts/Aliases for Crossbow
  • 4) Repeated changes of team to a stronger team
  • 5) Camping
  • 6) Negotiable game (writing in the chat "no kill", flashing a flashlight, etc.).
  • 7) Запрещено использовать скрипты, которые засоряют чат неинформативными сообщениями (timeleft, reload, и.т.д.). Действует фильтр по ключевым словам, в случае нарушения вам дадут кляп на чат.
  • 8) Запрещено обсуждать администрацию и сервер.
  • 9) Запрещено не убивать друг друга, если играете в разных командах.
  • 10) Профессиональным игрокам запрещено играть в одной команде, вы должны следить за балансом в игре и своевременно переходить в отдельные (слабые) команды. При нарушении данного правила, вы будете забанены за "Нубогонство".
  • 11) Запрещена реклама в любых её проявлениях, на сайте, в группе, на сервере.
  • 12) Игроки должны периодически посещать раздел правил и ознакомляться с ними, так как мы оставляем право не уведомлять об их изменениях.
    Мы оставляем право не отвечать на вопросы игроков, если информация по решению проблемы уже указана на сайте или сервере.
    Если вас забанили за нарушение правил, и вы хотите снять бан. Вам необходимо оплатить разбан в размере 1000 рублей.

Not recommended:

  • to have file opengl32.dll in the game folder (you will be fucked in the ass)

We strongly recommend:


Waiting for you on our server "CONFLICT HALF-LIFE SERVER" 
In order to join us, write in the game console: