Our IRC channel provides:

• information about the current map 
• information about number of players 
• information about online players (nicknames, IP) 
• watching In-Game chat and chatting

To gain access to the channel, you have the opportunity to use the WEB interface on our website or any other IRC clients for your operating system.
For example, you can use IceChat IRC app on OS Windows. You can download it from this link.
On Android, there are many IRC clients, such as: Yaaic, liteIRC, IRCCloud, AndChat.

Basic settings to join our channel:

Host/IP: irc.gamesurge.net
Port: 6667
Nickname: Your prefered nickname
Real name: Your name
Channel: #HALF-LIFE

Available bot commands: "status", "players"

Or push the link after IRC client installed #Half-Life @ GameSurge
Detailed setup process IceChat and Yaaic apps, look at the video