Available functions for VIP players:

1) You get more weapons and ammo in every respawn:
* Displacer Cannon with a full charge
* Egon gun with a full charge (Egon)
* 5 Tripmines (Tripmines)
* 5 Satchel Charges (Satchels )
* M249 and 200 ammo (M249 SAW)
* AK47 and 90 ammo (AK47)
* RPG and 2 ammo (ATGM-4000)
* 2 Grenades for grenade launcher (ARgrenades)
* Extra ammo for the revolver, shotgun, submachine gun
2) VIP can nominate a map for voting use chat-command (nom "map name")
3) Your vote for map is double weighted x3
4) Nickname protection and tag for your nickname [VIP] in the game chat
5) Health regeneration 1HP/sec.

Cost and Conditions: 

* VIP account costs 5 USD per 1 month.
* The nickname must be original and unique, consisting of alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9).
* The player may change the binding of VIP functions to another nick in the beginning of the next pay period.
* The player may change the binding of VIP function ahead of time to another nickname for an extra cost of 1 USD.

Pay FAQ:

* You can pay through PayPal, Yandex, Mastercard/Visa/Maestro
* To buy VIP account, you need to submit an application and make payment.
* After payment, you need to write in the game console, the following: setinfo "_server" "code"
Code will be sent to your email address that you used on our website, within 24 hours. Don't forget to check your "Spam" folder.
If you didn't receive the email with the code and it's not in the "Spam" folder, then use another email service to order a VIP account (without repeated payment).
If you have a paid VIP account, but you forgot your code, provide us with your e-mail and nickname.
> Retrieve your code

Before you buy, you can test the features provided by the VIP account on our server.
VIP accounts are activated daily for all players for 2 hours, from 19:00 to 21:00 Moscow time.
During the test, you will not have any special advantages, because all players will have VIP.