Available functions for VIP players:

1) You get more weapons and ammo in every respawn:
* Gauss gun with a full charge (Gauss/Displacer Cannon)
* Egon gun with a full charge (Egon)
* 5 Tripmines (Tripmines)
* 5 Satchel Charges (Satchels )
* M249 and 200 ammo (M249 SAW)
* M4A1 with sniper scope and 90 ammo (M4A1)
* AK47 and 90 ammo (AK47)
* M40A1 and 5 ammo (Sniper Rifle)
* RPG and 2 ammo (ATGM-4000)
* 2 Grenades for grenade launcher (ARgrenades)
* Extra ammo for the revolver, shotgun, crossbow, submachine gun
2) VIP can nominate a map for voting use chat-command (nom "map name")
3) Your vote for map is double weighted x3
4) Nickname protection and tag for your nickname [VIP] in the game chat
5) VIP' weapons do not have "fatigue" effect
6) Health regeneration 1HP/sec.
7) MultiJumps x5
(MultiJumps are initially unavailable in older HL-CE clients. You need to update your userconfig.cfg file in the game folder or download new HL-CE)
8) High-Speed VIP Jetpack
(High-Speed VIP jetpack is available by the chat command "/vipjetpack" and the console command "vipjetpack". 
Also, you can bind a key for the VIP jetpack in the game console, for example: bind "V" "vipjetpack")
9) Hook for moving in space
(You have to bind a key for the command "+hook" in the game console, for example: bind "C" "+hook")

Cost and Conditions: 

* When you pay for the year, you get VIP account 3.2 USD a month (38.4 USD/year).
* When paying monthly, VIP account costs 4 USD per 1 month.
* The nickname must be original and unique, consisting of alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9).
* The player may change the binding of VIP functions to another nick in the beginning of the next pay period.
* The player may change the binding of VIP function ahead of time to another nickname for an extra cost of 1 USD.

Pay FAQ:

* You can pay through PayPal, Yandex, Mastercard/Visa/Maestro
* To buy VIP account, you need to submit an application and make payment.
* After payment, you need to write in the game console, the following: setinfo "_server" "code"
Code will be sent to your email address that you used on our website, within 24 hours.
If you have a paid VIP account, but you forgot your code, provide us with your e-mail and nickname.
> Retrieve your code

Before you buy, you can test the features provided by the VIP account on our server.
VIP accounts are activated daily for all players for 1 hour, from 19:00 to 20:00 Moscow time.
During the test, you will not have any special advantages, because all players will have VIP.